NEW – Programs of Study

The CASI experience has been hailed as life-changing by many of our participants.  While we remain elated with the opportunities we have offered, we also recognize that as CASI grows, some changes might do it good!

In 2018 CASI introduces three Programs of Study designed to offer a more student-specific experience that will capitalize on the strengths of our amazing participants.


  • CASI Fellow


    Shawn Roth performing at St. Anne’s College, Oxford in 2017

The CASI Fellow track is reserved for advanced singers or pianists who are ready to tackle larger amounts of repertoire and be featured in high-level performance and educational settings. Our Fellows will be a select group of 4-8 participants who will be featured in public concerts while exploring both standard collaborative song repertoire and orchestrated song; receive applied lessons and coaching; receive individualized dramatic coaching; perform solos in pieces for massed choir and soloists; and attend all lectures and experiential learning events.  CASI Fellows will, most likely be recruited from advanced undergraduate through pre-professional singers and pianists.  The Fellows program is highly competitive and will feature a substantial scholarship component.


  • CASI Apprentice  


    2016 CASI student, Cloe Gentille, in performance at the POLY in Falmouth.

Perfect for the emerging artist, the Apprentice experience will be focused on personal growth and development through our curriculum of applied lessons, coachings, lectures, theme-based experiential learning, and master classes.  Apprentice participants will give performances and participate in all levels of events; select Advanced Apprentices will have the opportunity to “cover” Fellow level repertoire (song cycles and orchestrated song); and be featured in the CASI Apprentice Performance Series.  The CASI Apprentice program is highly personalized with repertoire choices made specifically to suit your stage of development and interests.


  • CASI Scholar  


    Tommy Cantu and Sam Utley in the 2017 St. Anne’s Alumni choral workshop.

Commitment to expressivity, musicality, and text connection is not limited only to solo performers. In that, CASI has developed the Scholar’s Program to offer an intensive summer-learning experience to Choral Music Education students.  The Scholar’s Program is the only one of its kind.  Join acclaimed conductors from around the U.K. and our Director of Choral Studies Dr. Arian Khaefi for 3 weeks of unparalleled choral training.

The 2018 CASI Scholars Program will focus on a cappella works exploring selections from the vast wealth and history of the International choral repertory as related to the 2018 theme of Rite, Religion, and Ritual.  The experience will culminate in a participant-led public performance. Students from around the world are invited to participate in this consummate program where they will be immersed in the art of vocal music and choral conducting.

  1. English Choral tradition: Tours of Oxford churches with the varying choral traditions; historical information regarding the development of English choral music and techniques
  2. Performances: Evensong at Worcester College; choral concerts; solo performance on the Scholar’s Performance Series; Participant-led final choral performance; select, high-level vocal students, to participate in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony at the Sheldonian Theater in Oxford,
  3. Lectures, master classes, and workshops: Sessions with famed English choral directors discussing the specifics of English Choral music and their rehearsal process including: Stephen Darlington (Christ Church College, Oxford), Owen Rees (Queen’s College, Oxford), and Jeremy Summerly (St. Peter’s College, Oxford)
  4. Observations: attend the Chapel Choir rehearsals at the vaunted Oxford colleges listed above.
  5. Perform choral concerts both as a singer and conductor: Following instruction both in the ensemble and on the podium, Scholar’s will be featured in their own concert dedicated specifically to choral music
  6. Applied lessons and interpretation classes: All Scholar’s will also receive applied lessons (vocal or piano) and participate in their own interpretation classes to develop creativity and physical expression
  7. Choral Fundamentals: Participants will partake in a thorough, well-rounded, and outside-of-the-box choral curriculum including:
    1. Private Conducting Lessons
    2. Group Conducting Seminar
    3. Choral Literature lectures
    4. Repertoire Reading Sessions
    5. Aural Mindfulness Development
    6. Movement and Interpretation
    7. Applied Vocal or Piano Lessons
  8. Cornish choral tradition: The county of Cornwall has a rich choral tradition ranging from secular folk songs, to sea-shanties, to liturgical music. Scholar’s will learn about this amazing repertoire and institution.
  9. Day trips and tours at theme-specific locales to fuel your interpretive instincts and fire.

The CASI Scholar’s Program is the only one of its kind for students and young professionals seeking to grow as conductors and musicians. Come ignite your passion for the choral arts while exploring the beauty, history, and culture of Oxford and the Cornish Riviera.

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